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Enrichment Sessions

Enrichment involves providing adequate mental and physical stimulation for our dogs, based on a sound understanding of their individual needs. What does your dog love to do? What behaviours do they love to indulge in? In order to provide them with an enriching life, you need to understand their various needs (physical, mental, behavioural, instinctual, and emotional, for example) and establish activities and routines that will help to ensure that those needs are being consistently and effectively met. In so doing, you will help your dog to lead a more fulfilling life, and will also help to minimise the potential issues that can arise as a consequence of frustration and/or boredom.

An enrichment session with Planet Dog will help you to uncover what your own, individual dog’s needs are and will provide you with different ways in which you can meet those needs on a daily basis.

Enrichment sessions can include but are not limited to:

An introduction to scent games

Foraging activities

Calming activities

Trick training

An introduction to food puzzles and interactive feeders

Training games that will harness your own dog’s particular needs

Enrichment sessions start at £30 for 30 minutes.

Payment is taken via bank transfer in advance of each session.

Should you need to cancel a session, 48 hours notice is required.

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