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Behavioural Consultations

Here at Planet Dog we understand how challenging it can be to live with a dog with behavioural issues. Such issues might include, but are not limited to:

Separation issues – anxiety when left alone, for example

Resource guarding – of people, areas, objects

Noise sensitivities – fireworks, for example

Repetitive behaviours – spinning, fly snapping, flank sucking, for example


Anxiety or phobias

Reactivity towards people and/or dogs

Aggression towards people and/or dogs

Behavioural issues are highly complex and require a different approach from the largely cognitive learning that takes place during training. Whilst behavioural treatment obviously involves training, it also involves a great deal more. In order to fully address a dog’s behavioural issues, it is vital to understand what is motivating their behaviour. It is necessary to consider the way in which emotions drive behaviour and to identify the environmental conditions that trigger those emotions. This knowledge can then be used to make adjustments that will result in a change of the dog’s emotions and, thus, a change in their behaviour too.

There is no quick-fix for behavioural issues: considering and addressing all of the significant aspects obviously takes time. Commitment and consistency from the human are required and, whilst complete rehabilitation can never be guaranteed, it is certainly possible to improve things substantially for both you and your dog.

The consultation process takes place in three stages:

Stage 1 – Before

Prior to the Behavioural Consultation, we will provide you with two documents. We would ask you to complete and submit both documents prior to our session:

1. Responses to a questionnaire which will provide us with detailed information about your dog and the issue(s) that they are experiencing. This will enable us to gather information about any relevant biological and experiential influences that may be contributing to your dog’s current behaviour.

2. A veterinary referral form. Considering any possible medical causes for your dog’s behaviour is essential and, to that end, we will work in partnership with your vet in order to review the potential relevance of this aspect.

We will also have a telephone consultation subsequent to receiving these forms and prior to the consultation itself.

Stage 2 – During

During the Behavioural Consultation we will work together to explore what is motivating your dog’s behaviour and we will devise a behaviour modification programme that addresses their specific needs. The programme will incorporate all of the necessary procedures that will enable us to address the more complex elements that are driving your dog’s current behaviour, including the various control and management strategies that you can adopt while the behaviour modification programme is put into place, and the training strategies that can be adopted in order to address and improve your dog’s behaviour over time.

You will, of course, receive comprehensive support and guidance from Planet Dog in order to effectively implement the programme.

Stage 3 – After

Subsequent to our session, you will be sent a written report of the behaviour modification programme, and this report will also be copied to your vet. The report will outline everything that we have covered in the consultation and will help you as you put the agreed treatment programme into place. In addition, we offer ongoing support by telephone or email for 6 weeks after the initial session.

Since behavioural issues need ongoing attention, subsequent support sessions are available (and advised) after this time.


Behavioural Consultations with Planet Dog start at £250 and include: 

Preliminary communication and a review of the relevant documentation

A pre-consultation telephone call to discuss the questionnaire and to prepare for the consultation itself

A 11/2 – 2 hour session either in person or via Zoom, depending on the needs of both you and your dog

A detailed written report which is sent to you and copied to your vet

6 weeks of telephone and/or email support as you implement the treatment programme

Follow-up support sessions start at £90 each and last for one hour.

Payment is taken via bank transfer in advance of each session.

Should you need to cancel a session, 48 hours notice is required.

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